Acoustics In Your Sports Hall

DYNAMIK pride themselves on providing solutions and the Internal Sports Walling panels are one such solution for sports hall design.

High sound levels are linked to ball game sports and physical training. To be able to communicate clearly without raising your voice is a benefit to all.

Good acoustic design is important because long reverberation times result in:

  • Low speech accuracy
  • Excessive levels of background noise
  • Raised levels of stress for users
  • Controlling and management issues

In fact, sound levels are so important that the overall objective of the Department of Education’s Building bulletin 93 is to ensure the design and construction of school buildings, including sports halls provide acoustic conditions that enable effective teaching and learning.

DYNAMIK are mindful that sports halls are used for non-sporting activities such as exams and assemblies, extra-curricular activities and social events, therefore good acoustic design is paramount to creating an ideal space for multi-use. The DYNAMIK Structural Internal Sports Wall provides a fast and efficient sports wall solution.

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